League of Legends Achievements

Some statistics

Our panel is composed of 40 887 summoners, the average summoner has played 1 603 games, played with 97 different champions among the 145 champions that exists, spent 740 hours in game and scored 5.5433 pentakills. The average game duration is 28 minutes long. All together they have spent 30 261 124 hours (3 454 years) playing League of Legends.

The average summoner has 161 achievements on the 286 we have under science. You can browse most of them on our achievements page. Poro Laboratories' achievements completion rate is 56.12% and the average winrate is 49.17%. We have downloaded and analyzed 65 554 751 games among the 66 006 076 games we should have. Our science is precise at 99.3162%.

We have recorded 226 647 pentakills among this panel. On average you will witness a pentakill every 289 games (0.0035% chances per game) and score one every 380 games (0.000004% chances per game). You are more likely to score a pentakill with Master Yi (4.5%), Vayne (4.1%), Jinx (3.59%), Yasuo (3.35%), Katarina (3.03%), Twitch (2.81%), Tristana (2.45%) and Miss Fortune (2.32%). In the last three years, 1.2% of summoners have scored a pentakill and 1.58% of them have scored 3 pentakills in a single game.

Summoners Hall of Fame

(251) Kruizer (BR)
(251) Léle (EUW)
(251) GeneralJohny (EUNE)
(251) udyr é bom ok (BR)
(251) Dire Wolf (LAN)
(250) AIê (BR)
(250) im 15 btw (LAS)
(250) Káne (OCE)
(250) Zhyn (EUW)
(250) 404 BOSSMÄN (EUW)
(250) Pilo (BR)
(250) YanKeSPro (EUW)
(250) The Shiken (NA)
(250) S t r a l i n g (LAS)
(250) blo (EUNE)
(249) Ahri Hater (EUW)
(249) Nepper (EUW)
(249) Tοny (EUW)
(249) Hylu (EUNE)
(249) 4sk (LAN)
(249) Zeraora (BR)
(248) GazZaKoS (EUW)
(248) Wretch (EUNE)
(248) Rafael o Ruim (BR)
(248) EhrenbruderIvern (EUW)
(248) りんな (JP)

Most Pentakills

(73) AIê (BR)
(68) Aristodemus (EUW)
(58) Trink (EUW)
(58) TenTailedBeast (EUW)
(58) udyr é bom ok (BR)
(58) WirzeugenJehovas (EUW)
(57) Cuddle me QwQ (EUNE)
(57) Jgc FMT (EUNE)
(55) Agonistíc (LAN)
(55) LoolxD (EUW)
(54) Claire (OCE)
(54) Late Game Kayle (NA)
(54) StayHumble (EUNE)
(53) Kanga the Pooh (TR)
(52) S t r a l i n g (LAS)
(52) Charchar299 (NA)
(51) Harri (OCE)
(51) IENCH Taric (EUW)
(51) NoobSquid (NA)
(51) Kevin Junior (NA)
(50) Papiceq123 (EUNE)
(50) Flinggo (NA)
(50) Neeko AD Only (EUW)

Best Winrate

(71.62%) Archaon (NA)
(71.06%) Señor de jungla (LAS)
(70.95%) mutxntsyndra (TR)
(70.91%) Hatéd1 (TR)
(70.33%) Hugan (RU)
(69.65%) TwTv Danijrm (LAN)
(69.42%) RANGERZX (EUNE)
(69.11%) baby talongod (TR)
(69.07%) saku x RANGER (EUW)
(68.6%) 3G losefinal TOP (LAS)
(67.49%) SE SABE PA (LAS)
(67.46%) nick lyons (NA)
(67.43%) xia pian hao chi (KR)
(67.43%) Qishilu1 (EUW)
(67.33%) いつきは天です (JP)
(67.27%) Doss The Boss (EUW)
(67.2%) Bow (LAN)
(67.2%) ISG Oddiee (LAS)
(66.97%) Lord (RU)
(66.83%) Hobbler (LAN)
(66.73%) TF Blade3 (NA)
(66.7%) ddddddddd (LAS)
(66.67%) Kenv2 (NA)

Most Time Spent In Game

(252d) HWRedlines (NA)
(214d) D4M2X0 (EUW)
(185d) GeT CoN TRollED (EUW)
(182d) Only The Bush (LAS)
(180d) CritItFromDaBack (NA)
(179d) Losing sight (EUW)
(166d) AwesomePrussia34 (NA)
(165d) Rafael o Ruim (BR)
(162d) magbb (EUNE)
(155d) NintendoSwitch (NA)
(153d) alop55555 (LAS)
(151d) Nolife Fynn (EUW)
(151d) Antenora (EUW)
(150d) LORD DARK120 (LAN)
(149d) 2fox2 (EUNE)
(145d) kennel master (EUW)
(142d) Soffyd (LAS)
(139d) LighTu (EUW)
(137d) silák tasa (EUNE)
(136d) 1uv (NA)
(134d) Ac319 (EUW)
(134d) doting (NA)
(134d) Quetzalqoatl (LAN)
(134d) tatsro (JP)

Most Played Games

(13311) HWRedlines (NA)
(11627) D4M2X0 (EUW)
(10247) Losing sight (EUW)
(10042) Nolife Fynn (EUW)
(9771) Only The Bush (LAS)
(9252) CritItFromDaBack (NA)
(9010) NintendoSwitch (NA)
(8840) Rafael o Ruim (BR)
(8812) AwesomePrussia34 (NA)
(8726) GeT CoN TRollED (EUW)
(8447) LORD DARK120 (LAN)
(8326) Antenora (EUW)
(7909) kennel master (EUW)
(7723) alop55555 (LAS)
(7613) magbb (EUNE)
(7593) 1uv (NA)
(7582) Soffyd (LAS)
(7387) Jgc FMT (EUNE)
(7385) 2fox2 (EUNE)
(7380) tatsro (JP)
(7322) URB Psycho (EUNE)
(7292) LighTu (EUW)
(7193) Przykot (EUNE)
(7165) doting (NA)


Q: I made a pentakill in 2014 and I didn't get the achievement for it

A: Probably, but our search scope of datas - due to the Riot API - is limited to the 3 last years. Anything older than 3 years won't be processed. Also note that League of Legends could changes a lot in 3 years, achievements won three years ago might not be relevent today anymore.

EDIT : Starting on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 Riot will be reducing Match History retention from three years to two years on a rolling cadence. This means that data from March of 2018 will be removed during March of 2020, for example. This will not affect timeline data, which will continue to have a one year retention policy.

Q: I finished the season as gold or higher but I don't have the victorious achievement

A: Those achievements only appear after you have played at least one game during the new season (or pre-season).

Q: I have an idea of a new achievement

A: That's great, please let us know about it. You can find our email address on the right column on this page, under contact.

Q: Which kind of games does Poro Laboratories use to calculate achievements?

A: Here is the explicit list of games type we support : normal 5v5 blind pick game, ranked solo 5v5 game, ranked premade 5v5 game, normal 3v3 game, ranked premade 3v3 game (ranked flex twisted treeline games), normal 5v5 draft pick game, dominion 5v5 blind pick game, dominion 5v5 draft pick game, dominion coop vs ai game, ranked team 3v3 game, ranked team 5v5 game, team builder game, aram game, one for all game, snowdown showdown 1v1 game, snowdown showdown 2v2 game, summoner's rift 6x6 hexakill game, ultra rapid fire game, one for all mirror mode game, ascension game, twisted treeline 6x6 hexakill game, butcher's bridge game, king poro game, nemesis game, black market brawlers game, definitely not dominion game, all random urf game, all random summoner's rift game, normal 5v5 draft pick game, ranked 5v5 draft pick game, ranked solo game (team builder), normal 5v5 blind pick game, ranked flex summoner's rift game, 5v5 aram game, 3v3 blind pick game, 3v3 ranked flex game, blood hunt assassin game, clash games, arurf games, legend of the poro king game, nexus siege game, snow arurf games, one for all games.

Q: Can I use your datas ? How ?

A: Sure and we even have an API, just contact us.

Q: Why the computation is so slow ?

A: Because we have to download all the games you played in the last 3 years and this is limited by the Riot API call rate limit .. and our programing skills.

Who we are

Poro Laboratories is a League of Legends achievements and statistics research facility providing analytics data for summoners : number of scored multikills, pentakills, time spent in game, winrate, played champions, takedowns and eternals ...

Science in progress

Phase 0
in queue
Phase 1
Phase 2
match gathering
Phase 3
running science
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Help us feeding our poro scientists and fighting Noxian animal cruelty with your donations. This money will be used solely to purchase poro-snax, this savory blend of free-range, grass-fed Avarosan game hens and organic, non-ZMO Freljordian herbs contains the essential nutrients necessary to keep our poros scientists purring with pleasure. Do not feel obliged, we also practice science for fun.

After donating, if you wish to receive the limited legendary Poro Supporter achievement, send us an e-mail to research@poroscience.com with the information as your Paypal account (first name and location). This achievement require a minimum amount of 1 of your currency.

Achievement of the day

Win a game with Zilean

the Chronokeeper: Win a game with Zilean. This has been achieved by 58.26% of our research panel.


The e-mail address of our research facility is research@poroscience.com but have a look on our F.A.Q. first as it may answer your question faster than any e-mail.

You can follow our development by checking our changelog.

Due to heavy budget restriction, our laboratory works slowly and may create bad or incorrect chemical reactions during summoner analysis, if you find any please let us know, we'll be glad of it.

If you wish to contribute as a graphist, designer, developer, translator, spell-checker, contact us by mail.



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